Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruits

Not only does freeze-dried fruit pack a punch in terms of flavour and texture, it's also great to chomp on whilst on-the-go. Here are some benefits of freeze-dried fruit and why it's taking the snack world by storm!



two women sat side-by-side with packets of Kooky freeze-dried fruit


The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Fruit


  • Freeze-dried fruit retains the original vitamins, nutrients and natural enzymes far better than other forms of drying or preservation;


  • Due to the removal of water in the dehydration process, freeze-dried fruit is more concentrated in vitamins, nutrients and all the good stuff;


  • Has a longer and more stable shelf life than fresh fruit;


  • Easily combined with other food; can be added to cereals, porridges, puddings, desserts and also used in baking;


  • Light and crisp texture, which make them a hit with kids;


  • Colour, aroma and original shape of the fruit maintained – where else can you find whole mangosteens in a snack pack?


  • Great for travelling and very portable, since it's lightweight;


  • Perfect for plant-based diets;


  • Satisfies your sweet tooth but is an all-natural, healthy snack.


There are so many benefits of freeze-dried fruit; it's nutritious, great for snacking on-the-go, and can be easily added into a plethora of delicious recipes, from smoothies to cookies.


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