Gently-Dried Fruit vs Freeze-Dried Fruit: What's the Difference?

Have you tried our gently-dried fruit and freeze-dried fruit? If so, which is your favourite?

Here, we’re taking a look at the difference between our gently-dried fruit vs freeze-dried fruit and the benefits of both:

What is the Difference Between Our Gently-Dried Fruit vs Freeze-Dried Fruit?

Both methods of drying our delicious, exotic fruits involve removing the water content, leaving small, lightweight, nutrient-rich snacks.

Freeze-dried fruit has a lighter, crunchy texture compared to the dense, chewy texture of our gently-dried fruit; it’s personal preference which texture you prefer. Why not order both varieties and change it up regularly to ensure you get the benefits of all our range, as well as keeping snack time interesting for your family?


Gently dried fruit vs freeze-dried fruit: smoothie bowl

The cell structure remains intact with our freeze-dried fruit, enabling it to hold its shape and keep the vibrancy of its colour.  Our gently-dried fruit tastes just as good but has a softer structure.

Both methods retain the fruit’s incredible antioxidant properties, keep their bold flavour, and all our products help satisfy those sweet-tooth cravings.

Which is Better For You: Gently-Dried Fruit vs Freeze-Dried Fruit?

Both are dried as raw products with nothing added and only moisture removed in the process, ensuring you still get the deliciously nutritional value without compromising on flavour.

Freeze drying fruit is a longer process, but it conserves over 90% of the fruit’s vitamins and minerals.

They both retain much of the same flavour as the original quirky fruit; but because the moisture is removed, they last much longer. This makes them a great easy-reach, portable snack - particularly for your little tigers!


Woman with pouches of I Am Kooky gently dried and freeze-dried fruit

What Can You Do With Gently-Dried Fruit vs Freeze-Dried Fruit?

Here at Kooky, we understand the importance of good, nutritional food; so, because both methods reduce the size and weight of the fruit, without taking away the goodness or adding any nasties, either one can be used in a variety of ways, often interchangeably.

You can eat them as stand-alone snacks, as part of a salad, on your breakfast cereal, or in baked goods; the different textures will give you a different outcome on experience, without compromising the wonderfully unique and delicious taste of our specially sourced fruit.


Brightly coloured smoothie bowl with tropical fruits

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