Bottoms Up! Let's drink to Kooky!

One of the best things about dried fruit is its versatility. Our Kooky Munchsters already know that our fruit can be added to breakfast bowls, smoothies and bakes for a boost of colour and pop of flavour. They can even be used in savoury cooking for that unexpected dose of umami! But did you know that our pretty unique fruit are also the perfect addition to cocktails (and mocktails!)?


 dried fruit cocktails


Earlier this year, our gently dried dragon fruit was used as the ultimate garnish in Club Soda's house cocktail of the month, How Do I Leaf Without You? A blend of kombucha, rosehip and hibiscus syrup, this was a vibrant, alcohol-free concoction, in line with the establishment's goal to promote mindful drinking. Whoever said being tee-total was boring?

Last year, our freeze-dried Mangosteen was also used in The Cocktail Society's subscription box, testament to the fact that it's nothing short of being the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cocktail, be it a fruity spritzer, G&T or martini!


dried fruit cocktails 


The tangy piquancy of our freeze-dried fruit, along with their light, meringue-like texture make them deliciously more-ish and the icing on the cake? They look incredibly exotic as they sit pretty, perched enticingly on the edge of a glass. Our gently-dried fruit are show-stealers in their own right, with their soft chewiness providing a delicate contrast to a silky drink, and their earthy flavours the perfect complement.


kooky dried fruit in drinks and cocktails  


So next time you've got your bartender's apron on and are pondering the merits of shaken vs stirred, remember to up the ante by incorporating some of our beautifully unusual fruit to your concoctions. We guarantee they'll be a talking point and a tantalising treat for all.  Now let's raise our glasses and drink to that! Cheers!