Our Story

Aline Burgmann
Perations & Finance
Juste Mckeown
Marketing & Social Media
Deena Tan

Kooky was born from Aline’s obsession for her favourite fruit, mangosteen, difficult to find in the UK. She approached her friend, Deena, with a mission to launch together a new range of healthy fruit snacks offering innovative textures and new flavours.

Both passionate about exotic super-fruits, they noticed a lack of exotic dried fruit and felt it was a gap that had to be filled. Some of these fruits can be found, fresh, at selective retailers but they are limited and incredibly expensive!

Kooky's fruits were chosen for their nutritional health benefits, as well as their quirky physical appearance, unique flavours and international origins.

Aline instantly connected with Juste when they met at a London event promoting mothers and women entrepreneurs. She was thrilled when Juste decided to join her to spread the Kooky "K-love" for Pretty Unique Fruit!