Our Story

Aline Burgmann                              Juste Mckeown                           Deena Tan
Co-founder                                      Partner                                         Co-founder
Operations & Finance                    Marketing & Social Media           Consultant

Aline met Deena while dropping their daughters off at school. Bonded by their Asian roots and Western upbringings, they found themselves sharing stories and challenges involving their East-West fusion of traditions, cultures and mindsets.

Both passionate about exotic super-fruits, they noticed a lack of the dried version and felt it was a gap that had to be filled. Some of these fruits can be found, fresh, at selective retailers but they are limited and incredibly expensive!

 Kooky is therefore on a mission to make exotic dried fruits more accessible and more affordable to a wider consumer base.

 Kooky's fruits were chosen for their nutritional health benefits, as well as their quirky physical appearance, unusual textures and unique flavours, offering the fruit market new and unexpected tastes.

 Aline met Juste at an event in London promoting mothers and women entrepreneurs, they instantly connected sharing common visions and values. She was thrilled when Juste decided to join her to spread the Kooky "K-love" for Pretty Unique Fruit!

 The Cambridge dictionary defines the word "exotic" as unusual, interesting and often foreign. Aren't we all exotic then, in our own way... Wouldn’t you agree?!?

Please join the Kooky team, be inspired to try something beautifully unusual, with an explosion of colours and flavours!