Supporting Mother Nature

We tackle sustainability at source to reduce waste and to help save our Planet.

Fruits are made of a freshy part (also called mesocarp) that we consume and all other parts that we normally bin.

At Kooky, our special friends, the earthworms, will slowly eat all the fruit parts (that we don’t eat) and produce afterward vermicast (or “worm poop”) which is then used as natural fertilizers to grow fruit and vegetables.

Giving back to Mother Nature what we take from Her!

B Corp™ certified since April 2023

Since launch, Kooky's identity and ethos have revolved around HEARTS and working towards B Corp™ certification was an organic evolution, which has now become the confirmation of what we’ve strived hard to achieve – to use business as a force for good, while embracing high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

That said, this undertaking was by no means straightforward. For a small business, making decisions driven by purpose isn't usually the most economical route, and therefore not the most obvious. To us, however, we felt it was something we could not compromise!

B stands for Benefit for all!