What is Kooky?

Our "Exotic" Fruit

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word ”kooky" as strange in appearance or behaviour, esp. in a way that is interesting. We thought ”Kooky” is a perfect name when describing the word “exotic” which means unusual, interesting and often foreign. Aren't we all exotic then, in our own way... Wouldn’t you agree?!?

Please join the Kooky team, be inspired to try something beautifully unusual, with an explosion of unique colours and flavours!

Our Tiger Mascot

In a world of sameness and conformity, our Tiger represents our desire to promote a natural curiosity for lesser known things. It embodies our passion for Diversity, our appreciation of Individuality and our love for Community.

Just like our fruit, our Tiger is strikingly different. She is pretty unique. She is Kooky.