Kooky founder, Aline Burgmann, features in Channel X Magazine

Kooky founder, Aline Burgmann, features in Channel X Magazine

March 20, 2024

Today, we're beyond thrilled to share with you a piece of news that’s as delightful and refreshing as a bite of our freeze-dried Mangosteen.

Our very own founder, Aline Burgmann, was recently featured in an article on Channel X under the title: "Meet the woman behind a 6-figure health snack brand Kooky, selling on Amazon."

It's not just a recognition of Aline's incredible journey but a testament to the vision and values that drive Kooky.

In the summer of 2021, Aline, alongside her co-founder Deena, embarked on a mission fueled by a shared passion for exotic fruits and a vision for healthier snacking. This journey began with an ordinary yet fateful conversation at the school gates, blossoming into the creation of Kooky.

Our aim?

To bring the tropical delight of Thailand’s exotic fruits right to your doorstep, making them accessible, affordable, and, most importantly, sustainable.

Our founder Aline's story, as featured on Channel X, paints a vivid picture of her deep-rooted love for exotic super-fruits like Mangosteen, which led her to dream up Kooky.

The article highlights our unique approach to maintaining the nutrient content of our fruits and our commitment to sustainability through the "Kooky Sustainability Circle."

For a detailed read on Aline’s journey and Kooky’s mission, check out the full article on Channel X.

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