Kooky x FareShare: Our Fight against Hunger & Food Waste

Kooky x FareShare: Our Fight against Hunger & Food Waste

June 18, 2022

Our partnership with FareShare UK is official! 

We have pledged to contribute NEW stock of Kooky fruit on a regular basis. This is our commitment to combating hunger, our pledge in returning to society and our mission of supporting vulnerable people, particularly in a time when cost of living costs reach unprecedented highs 💛  



From April to June 2022, we donated the equivalent of 286 meals to 30 charities, representing 0.12 tons of surplus food distributed (the equivalent of 0.2 tons of embedded CO2e or 180,000 litres of embedded water prevented from going to waste)!



We couldn't be more proud and yet humbled, by this new partnership. FareShare UK is a wonderful non-profit organisation that seeks to tackle hunger and food waste nu distributing good quality in-date food to UK charities.

As an SME, we do what we can - together we are stronger so let's join forces and help to fight hunger and stop poverty. Giving back is not an option, it's a responsibility!

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