Kooky x FareShare: Our Fight against Hunger & Food Waste

Our partnership with FareShare UK is official! 


We'll never forget the excitement when our very 1st container of Kooky fruits (about 1 year ago to the day!) was prepped and packed, ready to depart their native Thailand and set sail for British shores. In an unexpected twist of fate however, last year's infamous Suez Canal blockage meant we needed to change our launch campaign almost entirely.


By the time our shipment finally arrived in the UK, there were only 8 months left to their expiry. As a new brand selling lesser-known exotic fruit, it was a daunting task to clear a full container of stock.



Thankfully, the response to our beautifully unusual fruit was overwhelmingly positive and we were eventually left with only half a pallet. With 2 months to expiry, we decided against selling the surplus at cut-price discounts, choosing instead to donate our fruity snacks to FareShare, a truly wonderful non-profit organisation that fights hunger and food waste by distributing good quality in-date surplus food to UK charities.


Since then, we have pledged to contribute NEW stock of Kooky fruit on a regular basis. This is our commitment to combating hunger, our pledge in returning to society and our mission of supporting vulnerable people, particularly in a time when living costs reach unprecedented highs 💛