Kooky x Give.Help.Share

Amanda and Jacqueline, the 2 amazing women behind Give.Help.Share, are on a mission to GIVE children nutritious food, HELP feed families and SHARE food knowledge for a healthier future. The school teachers conduct weekly workshops at various schools and children centres, educating children on the importance of a balanced diet, as well as offering them food bags that comprise of healthy plant-based meal components.




We are pleased and proud to announce that we have partnered with Give.Help.Share, committing to regular contributions of our fruit snacks - guiltless snacking with a host of nutritional benefits, and a much healthier alternative to typical sugar-laden sweets and after-school snack. 




In a recent school visit, many children were fascinated by the novel textures of our freeze-dried and gently dried fruit and loved the distinct tropical tastes, inspiring them to put pen to paper and have a go at drawing our pretty unique fruit!




Education = Empowerment. There's no better place to start than with the little ones who will, one day, be our future. We look forward to working with Amanda and Jacqueline in this wonderful initiative that seeks to equip and empower vulnerable children.