A History of Dried Fruit

A History of Dried Fruit

January 10, 2024

Everyone loves a snack in between meals.

Whether you’re a seasoned snacker who regularly finds themselves searching the fridge for the next bite to eat or simply someone who likes something small before bed, dried fruit is a great choice.

They’re versatile, full of nutrients, and packed with flavour.

The story of dried fruit is a long one, and here at Kooky, we want to share this with you.

So join us as we go on a journey from humble beginnings, to the worldwide phenomenon that is dried fruit today.

Ancient Beginnings

Did you know that the history of dried fruit dates back to ancient times? While many people think it only started appearing in our diets recently, the truth is that people were munching on delicious dried fruits many centuries ago.

In fact, you can go all the way back to 1700 BC and find dried fruits being written about in Mesopotamian tablets.

Yep, even people around this time (and the Egyptians) loved this healthy snack.

While the preparation may be different now, the end product resembled something similar. In ancient times, the fruit was left to dry in the sun, and this was a great way of preserving them.

This was a long time before cars and motorways, and journeys between places could be long. This meant having food that lasted for a long time was vital, and dried fruit was just the thing.

Imagine ancient travellers munching on dried figs, bananas, and dates as they cross vast deserts, and you get the picture.

The Greeks and Romans

The Greeks and Romans are often looked back on with a sense of wonder. The connotations are of romance and elegance, and great feasts that lasted for hours.

While there would have been a wide abundance of different foods served on these occasions, there is no doubt that dried fruit also made an appearance.

It was likely that platters of grapes, figs, and apricots were enjoyed by the attendees, and this was for more than just their taste.

Around this time, the effect food had on people’s bodies was considered more. Nutrition began to be important, and the Romans valued dried fruit not just as a tasty snack, but also for their supposed medicinal properties, making them a win-win during the grand feasts that were thrown.

Dried Fruit in the Middle Ages

Now let’s speed things up as we get into the Middle Ages. This was a time when the world really opened up, and with new trade routes came new ways to spread dried fruit across the world.

If you’ve tasted dried fruit before (especially our mango and mangosteen products), you will know what I mean when I say that dried fruit was like the candy of the medieval world.

These items were considered a luxury and traded along the Silk Road in abundance. People couldn’t wait to get their hands on them.

Medieval markets began to fill with delightful selections of colourful and tasty dried fruits.

As European exploration grew, dried fruit also took to the seas.

These snacks were ideal for sailors looking for something rich in nutrients that also tasted great, and the dried fruit we sell today is still packed with these essential qualities.

The Industrial Revolution

Through all of the times we have discussed in this blog, the fruit was often dried by being left out in the sun.

Well, when the industrial revolution came along, things changed.

Mechanical dryers were introduced which changed the game when it came to speed and efficiency in getting the products made.

This was the time when things got more experimental as well. Rather than raisins and dates, people got curious and started drying other fruits.

Here at Kooky, we sell many wonderful flavours, including dragon fruit and jackfruit, and if it wasn’t for this time when things really got experimental, there may not be such variety in our shop.

Dried Fruit in Modern Times

Now let’s jump forward to right now when dried fruit is established as a healthy, delicious snack all across the world.

Wander through a middle Eastern market and you may find huge bowls of dates and apricots. Take a look through a site like ours and you’ll find exciting new flavours that have never been seen before (just wait for our dried durian which is coming soon).

They have evolved from just snacks to becoming integral ingredients in our cooking and baking.

Ever tried dried fruit on a cake? Well get yourself a pack and do it before it’s too late.

Of course, while we have spoken a lot about just how tasty these foods are, there is also the health aspect to consider.

Dried fruits are packed with nutrients, rich in fibre, filled with vitamins, and stuffed with minerals.

It is an all-in-one health kick that tastes great.

There’s no wonder it has been loved all over the world for several centuries.

Dried Fruit from Kooky

If you’ve read this blog and you now have a desire to munch on some delicious dried fruit, why not head on over to our shop and browse our collection?

We cater for every situation, whether you want a quick snack or fancy a big bowl to share with friends.

All of our products are meticulously chosen to pack great flavour and stunning health benefits, so pick your favourite fruit and get snacking.

Want to know more? Then contact our team for more information.

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