Welcome to Kooky! | Healthy Freeze-Dried and Gently-Dried Fruit

Welcome to Kooky! | Healthy Freeze-Dried and Gently-Dried Fruit

June 28, 2021

The product is fruit.

The movement is empowerment.

Here at Kooky, we’re not just a company that produces delicious freeze-dried fruit and gently-dried fruit snacks...


Who Are We?

We’re a force, bringing women together to create an equal and brilliant world. A world that’s as vibrant as the sun that beats down on Thailand - which just happens to be where we source our fruit.


Our Thai farmers work hard to grow our exotic goodness, and we reward them handsomely for their troubles; our ethos stretches to more than just female empowerment - we want equality for everyone. The Thai farmers, the pickers and packers, the shippers and handlers - they all work to help us deliver you the goods, and they deserve to be treated fairly. 


Our beautiful tiger represents our appreciation for individuality and our love for community, and its striking colours and patterns embody our passion for diversity. 


Freeze-dried and gently dried fruit



Our Freeze-Dried Fruit and Gently-Dried Fruit

We’ve bought the best fruits from the East to the West, fusing together the cultures, mindsets and traditions of our origins. We’ve created healthy freeze-dried fruit and gently-dried fruit snacks, ideal for topping your porridge, keeping in your desk drawer, or packing little lunchboxes.


Speaking of lunchboxes, that’s how we met: two women in the school playground, with unique backgrounds and big ideas. We came up with the idea of Kooky and have nurtured and watered our project, continuously growing to embrace culture, diversity, and difference.


Our product needed to represent our personalities, and so it’s not just fruit. It’s unusual and it’s quirky - it’s kooky!


Kooky freeze-dried and gently dried fruit


Keeping it Real - and Healthy

Our healthy freeze-dried fruit and gently-dried fruit snacks have a long shelf life, and the way we dry them means they preserve practically all of their goodness. They’re lightweight, convenient, and vegan. 


They’re made from real fruits; nothing added, just pure, honest fruit, and they retain almost all of their nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to help you be your best self. And the best bit? They satisfy those sweet tooth cravings, without compromising your health. We’d call that a win.


From jackfruit to dragon fruit, bananas to mangosteen and mangoes; our fruit is impressive in colour, different in flavour, and unique in appearance. Much like the people we represent, our fruit is beautifully unusual and pretty unique!


Sound good? Get your freeze-dried fruit and gently dried fruit snacks here.

Alternatively, to learn more about us, why not read our story?



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