About Us

Our Tiger

In a world of sameness and conformity, our Tiger represents our desire to promote a natural curiosity for lesser known things. It embodies our passion for Diversity, our appreciation of Individuality and our love for Community.

Just like our fruit, our Tiger is strikingly different. She is pretty unique. She is Kooky.


Our Story

Aline and Deena met while dropping their daughters off at school and what started as regular school-gate natters, soon blossomed into a fast and furious friendship. Bonded by their Asian roots and Western upbringings, they found themselves sharing stories and challenges involving their East-West fusion of traditions, cultures and mindsets.

Fast forward to 2020: with Covid-19 rendering travel a literal no-go and social distancing emerging as the new norm, society became inevitably fragmented. Now, more than ever, the team here at Kooky believes in the importance of embracing differences, encouraging tolerance, helping and empowering others, especially the ones who have less.

Through their passion for exotic fruit and their unique relationships with Thai farmers, our co-founders created Kooky, a brand which not only mirrors their identity, their personality and their values but also brings the best fruits of the East to the West.

They believe these super-fruits deserve to be embraced and enjoyed by everyone – not only for their antioxidant and nutrient-rich profile, but also for their unusual and quirky physical appearance, eye-catching colours and unique flavours.

Please join Aline and Deena. Be inspired to challenge conventional ideas of beauty, while cherishing diversity and advocating acceptance.

Aline Burgmann
Operations & Finance
Deena Tan