About Us

The Six Values of Kooky’s Brand Identity

HEALTH - Lab-tested for vitamins & minerals!
EMPOWERMENT - Giving back one snack at a time
AUTHENTICITY - Beautifully Unusual and Pretty Unique in our own way.
REVOLUTIONARY - Using Science to create exciting textures & guilt-free snacks
TASTE - Big on Taste, Bold in Flavour
SUSTAINABILITY - Responsibility, Accountability, Conviction, Commitment

Since the very 1st day, Kooky's identity and ethos have revolved around HEARTS and working towards B Corp™ certification was an organic evolution, which has now become the confirmation of what we’ve strived hard to achieve – to use business as a force for good, while embracing high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

That said, this undertaking was by no means straightforward. For a small business, making decisions driven by purpose isn't usually the most economical route, and therefore not the most obvious. To us, however, we felt it was something we could not compromise.

There are currently just over 6,000 Certified B Corporations in more than 80 countries and over 150 industries, and we are thrilled to be one of them!

Our Tiger

In a world of sameness and conformity, our Tiger represents our desire to promote a natural curiosity for lesser known things. It embodies our passion for Diversity, our appreciation of Individuality and our love for Community.

Just like our fruit, our Tiger is strikingly different. She is pretty unique. She is Kooky.

1% for the planet

We pledge to give 1% of our total sales to @1percentftp and to help fund the many diverse environmental organisations so that collectively, they can be a more formidable source in solving the world's problems in 6 core areas that include climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.

It's responsibility. It's accountability. It's our commitment to the future of our planet.

Our Story

Aline and Deena met while dropping their daughters off at school. Bonded by their Asian roots and Western upbringings, they found themselves sharing stories and challenges involving their East-West fusion of traditions, cultures and mindsets.


Both passionate about exotic super-fruits, they noticed a lack of the dried version and felt it was a gap that had to be filled.

Some of these fruits can be found, fresh, at selective retailers but they are limited and incredibly expensive!

They are therefore on a mission to make exotic dried fruits more accessible and more affordable to a wider consumer base. With that in mind, coupled with their desire to communicate their values and teach their children, they launched Kooky - Pretty Unique Fruit.


Kooky's fruits were chosen for their nutritional health benefits, as well as their quirky physical appearance, unusual textures and unique flavours, offering the fruit market an unexpected taste profile while inspiring all of us to challenge conventional stereotypes of beauty!


The Cambridge dictionary defines the word "exotic" as unusual, interesting and often foreign. Aren't we all exotic then, in our own way... Wouldn’t you agree?!?


Please join Aline and Deena. Be inspired to try something beautifully unusual, with an explosion of colours and flavours!

Aline Burgmann
Operations & Finance
Deena Tan