I Am Kooky Branding: Empowerment and Diversity

I Am Kooky Branding: Empowerment and Diversity

August 5, 2021

What makes a tiger so powerful?

We love these beautiful creatures' incredible strength, independence and uniqueness. They illuminate every aspect of our brand ethos; to be empowered, embrace diversity and radiate confidence.

We are all different. No two bodies are identical, just as no two tigers' stripes are identical. And this is something we love to celebrate within our Kooky branding.


Kooky branding story - three Kooky fruit packets lay side-by-side

The Story Behind Our Branding 

You don't need us to tell you that tigers are incredibly awe-inspiring. Their captivating eyes, striking colours and confident strut are just a few of the fantastic qualities that make them unique.

But tigers are an endangered species. They're increasingly at risk of extinction, a devastating consequence of human behaviour.

As a nation, we must look after our tigers to keep this amazing species alive. Why not support the WWF in protecting them by adopting your own tiger? You can get the kids involved, too; check out our Facebook page for Tiger colouring sheets to keep the little ones occupied.

If you look at our product page, you'll notice that our tigers take pride in place on the front of our packaging. Standing tall as our brand ambassadors, our multi-coloured tigers strongly reflect our freeze-dried and gently-dried fruits, which ooze with vibrant colours and taste bud-tantalising flavours.


Embracing Empowerment & Challenging Conventional Ideas of Beauty 

At Kooky, we believe beauty should never have a formula. Beauty lies within diversity, difference and uniqueness. It's defined by the individual qualities that make us… us. We challenge conventional ideas of beauty. We are all beautiful, with uniqueness in our very hearts. 


Kooky branding story - Woman juggling fruits


We embrace empowerment and unconventional beauty by being enthusiastic supporters of Women For Women International. This charity focuses on building, developing and transforming women that may not have had the privilege of an education and the upbringing they deserve.

The Meaning of Kooky 

Just like the tigers themselves, we are uniquely beautiful. Born in 1959, 'Kooky' is an adjective that describes an unusual and/or exciting appearance. Synonyms of this term include 'crazy', 'funky', 'odd' and 'peculiar'. 


Kooky branding - Kooky dragonfruit


Want to try them for yourself? Take a look at our brand new range on our online store.

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