Microbiome and Health: Ensuring You Maintain Optimal Gut Health

Microbiome and Health: Ensuring You Maintain Optimal Gut Health

October 15, 2021

Do you know what your microbiome is and what it does?

Here at Kooky, we’re about to get down to the nitty-gritty...

So, here’s everything you need to know about your microbiome and health:


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Your Microbiome and Health: What is Your Microbiome?

Your microbiome is a community of bacteria, viruses and fungi that thrive inside your body.

A well-balanced microbiome is good for overall health, but it can be easily disrupted by the foods you eat and environmental factors. If you’re experiencing health issues, it can be a good idea to take a look at your gut.

What Can Affect Your Microbiome and Health?

Processed or sugary foods, refined grains and alcohol can all impact your gut health. To retain a healthy microbiome, you need to fuel your body with vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, high fibre fruits (which is where we can help!) and pre and probiotic foods. You can, in moderation, consume animal proteins, fats and oils and high-fibre starches - but too many can cause an imbalance. 


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An abundance of 'good' bacteria in the gut can help to slow down signs of ageing, boost your immune system and keep your mental health in check. There are a few tell-tale symptoms of a gut imbalance including sugar cravings, a change in toilet habits, bloating and skin irritations, to name just a few. It’s important to listen to your body and make healthy choices when it comes to your diet and lifestyle.

How Kooky Can Help You With Your Microbiome and Health

We don’t add anything to our fruit. We simply freeze or gently dry it, removing only the water content. There are no added sugars and nothing is processed; just good, honest fruit.

The high-fibre content of our fruity snacks helps you to maintain a balanced microbiome and contribute to healthy, regular bowel movements. This helps to keep everything in your gut ticking over nicely, ensuring your good gut bacteria has a chance to thrive and fend off any bad bacteria that may enter your body. 


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When eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet, our Kooky fruit can play an important role in ensuring you meet your daily fibre requirements - adults need at least 30g per day! 

Our jackfruit, for example, contains 8.4g of fibre per 100g. For reference, the average amount of fibre in 100g of cooked brown rice is 1.8g! This means our fruit is a pretty sure-fire way to increase your fibre intake - and is far tastier than consuming copious cups of rice.

If you want to improve your microbiome and health, you can order our fruit snacks on our website.

For some inspiration on how to enjoy our unique fruits, check out our previous blog on simple, healthy snacks to enjoy on the go.

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