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Multi Award Winning Dried Fruits: Unique Tropical Fruit

October 3, 2022

WOW, we've won! And we still can't quite believe it!


All our fruits are officially award winners - from The Great Taste Awards 2022, Nourish Awards 2022, Nourish Kids Awards 2022 to Free From Food Awards 2022, we're so pleased to say we've bagged them all! 🏆 



Freeze Dried Mangosteen   Freeze Dried Mango      Freeze Dried Jackfruit



        Gently Dried Dragon Fruit    Gently Dried Banana



When we first started Kooky, it was almost an entirely different time and space, with us somewhat naively thinking that our main challenge would be to convince Westerners to accept and love our exotic fruit. Little did we know that we would also have to contend with the onslaught of Covid 19, supply chain disruptions, astronomical freight prices and a whole gamut of unprecedented changes that would invariably wreak havoc on the world's economy. While most businesses are still adjusting and navigating the latter, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are thankful for small victories like these, that help us forget the personal sacrifices and sleepless nights, while giving us the courage and motivation to take on the next battle! 


We are immensely grateful that our Kooky fruits have been recognised by the different award panels and that the response was incredibly encouraging. A huge THANK YOU to all judges across the various categories. Upwards and On! 🔥 

May 3rd, 2022
WE WON! A Silver award for our freeze dried Mangosteen, and a Bronze for our freeze dried Mango at this year’s Free From Food Awards #FFFA22



It’s a massive moment for us, and we’re both honoured and humbled to be included in such an esteemed group of winners. As a relatively new business, this validation means so much to us! 🎉 


We started Kooky to break barriers, inspire a curiosity for lesser-known things and introduce all of you to our beautifully unusual fruit. Today, it feels like we’re 1 step closer.


Thank you for being so supportive, loving our pretty, unique fruit, and coming along on our journey. Kooky Munchsters, this is just the beginning! Hold on tight! 💥 


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