Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Have a Very Kooky Christmas!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Have a Very Kooky Christmas!

November 3, 2021

Keen to surprise your family and friends with some quirky gifts this Christmas?

Here at Kooky, we’ve put together some wonderful homemade stocking stuffer ideas for you to make for your friends and family - from festive baked goods to dried orange decorative pieces:


Stocking stuffer ideas: Kooky products wrapped in festive gift-wrap


Kooky Dried Fruit Cookies

Our dried fruits are the perfect addition to your festive bakes. They're full of delicious flavour and texture, and can help to jazz up your Christmas cakes and cookies for a truly unique and tasty treat.

Take a classic salted caramel biscuit recipe, for example. Why not try mixing in some of our dried mango for a tangy twist? These ingredients pair perfectly together for a chewy, gooey batch of homemade deliciousness!

Keen to bake a batch of festive cookies to gift your friends and family? You could wrap them in printed wax paper for an environmentally friendly alternative.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Kooky Fruit Mason Jars

Mason jars packed with oats and dried fruit make for a beautiful, rustic gift. Ideal for neighbours or our childrens’ teachers, oat-filled mason jars are thoughtful and useful.

Pour in the oats, followed by Kooky fruits, then nuts, seeds and spices; the layered effect will create an enticing and unique gift for your loved one. 

You can tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar for a simple yet striking gift-wrap idea, and attach a tag. On the tag, carefully write out instructions for using the contents - for example, your loved one could add yoghurt and/or milk for a delicious overnight oats recipe. You could also attach a small wooden spoon as an added extra.

Choose from a selection of our gently dried or freeze-dried fruits to add a vibrant and delicious layer to your mason jar creation.



Festive mason jar gifts filled with healthy snacks


Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Festive Potpourri Gift Bags

Dried oranges make gloriously scented, beautiful decorations for a room. For a festive potpourri, use orange slices, whole almonds, cinnamon sticks and dried star anise. You could also add in pine cones and essential oils.

When you’ve dried the fruits and spices in the oven, pop them into a jar, mix them around and tie twine around the neck for a rustic bow. 

You could decorate the jar itself, or include a festive bowl for your recipient to empty the contents into. Festive potpourri is a wonderful gift; why not double up your batch and keep some for yourself?


Kooky Infused Iced-Tea

Our Kooky fruits taste delicious in homemade iced tea, lending their vivid flavours to the refreshing drink.

Why not make a batch of Kooky iced tea to give to your loved ones this Christmas? You can make up a large batch to gift, or serve to your guests during your festivities.

This iced tea recipe is easy and full of flavour; have a go at infusing some of our Kooky fruits until you find your perfect flavour combination. 


Stocking stuffer ideas: Iced tea made with Kooky dragonfruit


Kooky Fruits for Your Christmas Cheese Board

Traditionally, clementines are used as stocking stuffer ideas. Why not add in our Kooky fruits for a modern twist?

A delicious addition to any stocking, our fruits make a unique gift - and what's more, your recipient can use them in a variety of ways, from snacking to baking.

Our fruits pair perfectly with cheese and so would make a fabulous addition to a Christmas cheese board. We have a range of Kooky fruits to choose from; why not go for a selection of each?

If you’ve been inspired by our stocking stuffer ideas, take a look at our previous post for snack inspiration for your festivities.

Alternatively, please contact us for more information about our freeze-dried and gently dried fruits.
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