How is Freeze Dried Fruit Made?: Behind the Scenes

How is Freeze Dried Fruit Made?: Behind the Scenes

December 8, 2022

Looking for a delicious, nutritious, sustainable, unique snack?

Our freeze dried fruit is the ideal option for you; it’s portable, versatile and tasty. But what exactly is freeze dried fruit?

This week, we’re taking you behind the scenes to find out how freeze dried fruit is made:


How is Freeze Dried Fruit Made?

Freeze dried fruit is a wonderful snack, made from real fruit, that has undergone a particular type of drying process. 

Firstly, our fresh fruits are picked ripe and are quality checked to ensure they’re bruise-free, before being washed. Our jackfruit and mango are then sliced - but our mangosteens are freeze dried whole!


freeze-dried dragonfruit


They’re then rapidly frozen and placed in a vacuum chamber where the moisture is gradually removed at an increasing temperature. Depending on the moisture of the fruit, this can take several hours and is typically a lengthier - and more costly - process than conventional drying methods.

That’s it! Here at Kooky, we understand that nutrition is key; so, there’s nothing added, and nothing other than the water content taken away from our fruit. This means that once they’re dried, they’re ready to be packaged up and delivered to you, our wonderful customers.

If you’re into science, here’s a fun fact: this process is called lyophilisation, and is used by NASA for astronaut food!


Freeze Drying Science 101:

Freeze Drying is a longer method of dehydration and essentially involves freezing the product at ultra-low temperatures (around -40C), lowering the pressure and then removing the solid ice by sublimation (transition from solid to gas, bypassing the liquid phase). The fruit is then dried further through desorption, where any residual water is removed.

The resulting product is nothing short of magic – compared to other dehydrating methods, it conserves most of the fruit’s actual vitamins and nutrients (over 90% versus 50-60% for other methods). Due to the low processing temperatures and minimal deterioration associated with Freeze Drying, it is a much more expensive process than conventional drying.


Why Did We Choose Freeze Dried Fruit Here at I am Kooky?

The idea of freeze dried fruit came from the notion of wanting to introduce different flavours, tastes and textures to the UK market. It’s a convenient way to transport fruit from Asia to the UK in a lightweight form, and almost all of the fruit’s nutritional content is conserved - without compromising on its natural flavour profile. 


How is freeze-dried fruit made: row of I Am Kooky freeze-dried fruit


It proved a great way for fussy little eaters to consume fruit, due to the crunchy texture that is comparable to crisps. So, if you’re finding it difficult to get your little tigers to eat their 5 a day, we’ve found the solution! A handy snack on-the-go, or perfect for adding to their school lunch boxes, our freeze dried fruit is a sure-fire way to help them enjoy a healthy diet.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruits

  • Freeze-dried fruit retains the original vitamins, nutrients and natural enzymes far better than other forms of drying or preservation
  • Due to the removal of water in the dehydration process, freeze-dried fruit is more concentrated in vitamins, nutrients and all the good stuff
  • Has a longer and more stable shelf life than fresh fruit
  • Easily combined with other food; can be added to cereals, porridges, puddings, desserts and also used in baking
  • Light and crisp texture, which make them a hit with kids
  • Colour, aroma and original shape of the fruit maintained – where else can you find whole mangosteens in a snack pack
  • Great for travelling and very portable, since it's lightweight
  • Perfect for plant-based diets
  • Satisfies your sweet tooth but is an all-natural, healthy snack


What’s in the Pipeline for Future Freeze Dried Fruits?

Our fruity snacks are a hit with the UK market, and so we’re definitely thinking about expanding our offering.


Freeze-dried fruit: smoothie bowl with freeze-dried mangosteen


We feel that there are so many delicious Asian fruits with nutritional and health benefits that need wider acclaim and appreciation, so we’d love to bring them to your table soon. Watch this space!

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If you’re excited to taste our freeze dried fruit, you can order them here.
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