Benefits of a Sustainable Diet: How to Live Well Whilst Supporting Our Planet

Benefits of a Sustainable Diet: How to Live Well Whilst Supporting Our Planet

July 18, 2021

At Kooky, we’re on a mission to make the world a better place.

We want to help build a sustainable planet that future generations can love and appreciate together.

We want our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren to eat a healthy, sustainable diet, and be happy; we want them to live in a safe, green, and equal world, revelling in the fruits of our labour.

That’s why our dried fruit snacks are sustainably sourced from the best farms in Thailand...


A Sustainable Diet is Defined by its Low Impact on the Environment

Everyone involved in the process of making our dried fruit snacks is respectful of the land and helps to protect it.

In protecting the environment at each stage, we can ensure a healthier future for the planet.


woman holding a bunch of bananas and a pineapple: benefits of a sustainable diet


A Sustainable Diet Prioritises Plants

When planning a meal, instead of deciding which ingredients to pair with your meat, try thinking about your vegetables first. You can then think about the best ways to cook them, and how to combine them with other ingredients.

You’ll suddenly find your mindset shifts, and you’ll be planning healthier meals without questioning it. You’ll end up eating a much more diverse and interesting plate of food.

Your plate should be at least 50% vegetables, but that doesn’t have to be a chore; make it fun! Experiment with different spices and flavours - why not try adding our Kooky dragon fruit for a delicious twist on a salad?

Reducing your consumption of meat, dairy, eggs and fish can help reduce your carbon footprint, but you don’t have to cut them out altogether. Instead, try to mindfully choose your products to have minimal impact. 

You can do this by looking out for food labels such as fairtrade, MSC/ASC, and RSPO, which will reassure you that your produce was farmed and traded ethically, and is free from palm oil.


benefits of a sustainable diet: hands holding model of the world


If you enjoy reducing your meat consumption, it may be beneficial for your health and for the environment to try a plant-based diet a few days a week.

Plant-based foods offer you the proteins, minerals, vitamins and nutrients your body needs to thrive, without saturated fats or cholesterol.


Our Thai Farmers

We chose the most deliciously unique fruits from amazing countries around the world; we now grow them all together in Thailand, where our farmers are paid fairly and equally for the work they do.

It’s important to know the journey of your food to ensure that everyone was treated fairly in its production; it’s good to find out where it came from and how it was produced, so you can make an informed purchase.


benefits of a sustainable diet: boat carrying fruit and vegetables

Reducing Food Waste

It’s estimated that a third of all food produced globally is wasted

Here at Kooky, we want to help reduce household food waste. Our dried fruit is long-lasting, meaning you don’t have to throw away your leftovers; you can package them back up and save them for later. 


What We’re Doing to Improve Our World

Our Kooky fruits are sustainably grown. We treat each other and our world with respect, and in return produce healthy, delicious, unique snacks to share with you. 

As well as being healthy, our fruit is delicious and different. Our farmers are treated equally, and we partner with Women for Women International to help people rebuild their lives after conflict. 


four hands moulded into a heart shape


We are different; we are Kooky, and we pledge to help the world become a sustainable, equal place.

Fancy a taste of our Kooky fruits as part of your sustainable diet? You can order here.

Looking for run recipes to use our snacks in? Check out our different ways to enjoy our dried fruits.

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