Why is Sustainable Food Production Important?

Why is Sustainable Food Production Important?

October 18, 2021

Why is sustainable food production important?

Our aim is to produce delicious fruit snacks for our wonderful Kooky customers - but we want to do it whilst being mindful of our environment and our communities.

Future generations rely on us, as a community, to look after the world - and one way in which we can do this is to produce sustainable food. 

Here’s why sustainable food production is important, and what we’re doing to help our planet and the people who live on it:


Sustainable food production: Smoothie bowl with Kooky fruits


How Sustainable Food Production Looks After Our Land

Sustainability is about producing food that can be replenished, whilst protecting the environment. It’s about reducing the impact on the land and not causing permanent damage.

The way we see it is that the land belongs to our children and we are here to nurture it for them; not destroy it. 

Using renewable energy and natural resources to produce our food helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Over time, this helps to reduce our impact on global warming, creating a better future for the next generation.

At Kooky, we love animals. Part of our ethos is to protect, empower and celebrate all walks of life.

Sustainable food production helps to conserve our natural world - from budding crops to grazing animals. Eating sustainably is something we can all do to help reduce the suffering of defenceless animals and protect the beautiful world around us.

Promoting Healthy, Chemical-Free Food with Sustainable Food Production

Absolutely no chemicals or nasties are used in sustainable food production. At Kooky, we're proud that our products are packed only with ingredients you can trust.


Sustainable food production: Smoothie bowl next to packs of Kooky fruits


We want our communities to thrive on natural, seasonal produce that will nourish their bodies. With organic pesticide-free produce, you can create a variety of snacks and meals that will only contribute positively to your mental and physical health.

Why not try combining Kooky dried fruits with seasonal fresh fruits to create a texture-abundant, flavourful and nutritious snack?


How Sustainable Food Production Benefits Local Communities

Here at Kooky, we source our produce from Thailand, where it is grown sustainably by our wonderful farmers, who’re treated fairly in the production and transportation of the goods. 

Sustainable food production supports the livelihoods of the local communities and boosts the economy; by purchasing Fairtrade products, you’re ensuring that the farmers and other people involved in the packaging and shipping processes are treated equally. This gives the local community a chance to flourish. 


Kooky fruit products - Mangosteen


Additionally, it ensures that produce is economically efficient and aids in helping to reduce carbon footprint, whilst being safe for the consumers, local communities, production workers, and the environment. 

You can find out more about the benefits of a sustainable diet by reading our previous article.

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