The Perfect Pairings for Dried Fruit: Enhancing Flavours and Textures

The Perfect Pairings for Dried Fruit: Enhancing Flavours and Textures

January 10, 2024

Dried fruit is cherished not just for its extended shelf life but also for its intense flavour and versatility in the culinary world.

Here at Kooky, we provide exciting new takes on dried fruit, offering a varied range of delicious treats.

From the sweet tang of our freeze dried mango to the rich depth of mangosteen, our dried fruits offer a spectrum of flavours and textures that are always a delight to eat.

While these items are often seen as tasty snacks, they also make great pairings with other dishes and can make a great addition to many other foods.

In this blog, we’re going to delve into these options and let you know the best ways to use your dried fruit.

Let’s take a look.

Understanding Dried Fruit

Drying fruit is an ancient practice that naturally preserves fruit by removing water, concentrating both its flavours and natural sugars.

Here at Kooky, we do things a little bit differently by freeze-drying our fruits.

This process results in a shelf-stable product that retains most of the fruit's nutrients. Common dried fruits include apricots, figs, raisins, dates, and cranberries, each offering its unique taste and texture but thanks to the capabilities we now have, we can experiment with other exciting fruits like banana, dragon fruit, and durian.

A real benefit of freeze-drying is that it allows you to rehydrate the crunchy fruit into its soft texture, simply by placing it in lukewarm water, it’s a great way to ensure they can be used for baking, cooking or any recipes you have in mind and still keep the taste great the natural fresh fruit will offer you.

This method doesn’t just broaden the great-tasting snacks we can offer but also makes it easier to add them to delicious dishes to enhance the flavours.

Some Great Dried Fruit Pairings

Nuts and Seeds

The combination of dried fruits with nuts and seeds is not only a nutritious snack option but also a harmonious blend of textures and flavours.

Pairing the creamy texture of dried almonds with the sweetness of bananas or the earthy taste of walnuts with the tang of dried dragon fruit creates a satisfying snack.

These pairings can be added to morning oatmeal (check out this guide to great breakfast options), yoghurt bowls, or homemade granola, offering a delightful crunch and a boost of energy.

Baking and Desserts

Incorporating dried fruit into baking and desserts can transform simple recipes into extraordinary treats.

Dates, with their natural sweetness, are excellent in brownies, providing a fudgy texture without added sugar.

Some of our gently dried options such as our banana and dragon fruit make great options for laying on cakes and other desserts as their chewy nature provides a lovely texture.

It's important to consider the moisture content of dried fruits in baking; soaking them in warm water can revive their texture before adding to batter or dough.

Savoury Dishes

Dried fruits can also play a pivotal role in savoury dishes, adding a unique sweetness that contrasts beautifully with savoury flavours.

Our flavours are perfect for adding a subtle, sweet tang to a rice dish, or bringing some sweetness to a salad.

The key to incorporating dried fruits into savoury dishes is balance; they should complement, not overpower, the dish’s primary flavours.

Check out this recipe for sweet and sour cod with our freeze dried mango playing a key part.


Pairing dried fruits with cheese is an art that enhances the flavours of both components.

The creamy texture of Brie or Camembert pairs wonderfully with the tartness of dried fruits such as mangosteen, while the bold flavours of blue cheese are beautifully balanced by the sweetness of dried dragon fruit.

These pairings are not only delightful on the palate but also add a touch of elegance to cheese platters, especially when accompanied by a well-matched wine.


Beyond solid foods, dried fruits can be a fantastic addition to beverages.

Adding dried citrus fruits to sangrias can infuse the drink with a concentrated fruity flavour, while berries can add a hint of sweetness and colour to herbal teas.

Dried fruits not only enhance the flavour profile of these beverages but also add an attractive visual element, so are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to a cocktail.

Have you also tried to add our red dragon fruit as cocktail garnish? They offer the visual wow factor that will surely get people talking.

Food Choices with Kooky Dried Fruits

So, now you know how versatile dried fruit can be, here are some ways you can use our products to make delicious dishes.

  • Pairing 1: Freeze-Dried Bananas with Breakfast Cereals - Our freeze-dried bananas add a crunchy texture and natural sweetness to your morning cereal. They blend perfectly with oatmeal or granola, providing a nutritious start to your day.


  • Pairing 2: Durian with Exotic Desserts - The bold flavour of our freeze-dried durian can be a unique addition to exotic dessert recipes. Its rich, creamy texture complements ice cream or tropical fruit salads, offering a taste of Southeast Asia.


  • Pairing 3: Jackfruit in Vegan Dishes - The versatility of freeze-dried jackfruit makes it ideal for vegan cooking. Its meat-like texture pairs well in vegan tacos or wraps, adding a tropical twist to your favourite plant-based recipes.


  • Pairing 4: Mango in Smoothies and Cocktails - The freeze-dried mango brings a burst of sweetness and tang to smoothies and cocktails. Blend it into a mango smoothie bowl or use it as a garnish in tropical drinks for an extra fruity touch.


  • Pairing 5: Mangosteen in Asian-inspired Salads - Incorporate freeze-dried mangosteen into Asian-inspired salads for a hint of sweetness. Its unique flavour pairs well with spicy Thai or Vietnamese salads, balancing the heat with its subtle sweetness.


  • Pairing 6: Gently Dried Bananas in Baking - Use our gently dried bananas to add moisture and natural sweetness to baked goods. They work wonderfully in banana bread, muffins, or as a topping for cakes.


  • Pairing 7: Dragon Fruit in Yoghurt Parfaits - The gently dried dragon fruit adds a vibrant colour and light sweetness to yoghurt dishes. Layer it with granola and Greek yoghurt for a visually appealing and healthy snack.

Dried Fruits from Kooky

Dried fruits, with their concentrated flavours and varied textures, offer endless possibilities for culinary creativity.

From snacks and desserts to savoury dishes and drinks, the right pairings can elevate the taste and nutritional value of your meals.

Experimenting with these combinations can lead to delightful discoveries and, perhaps, some new favourites in your kitchen.

The diverse range of dried fruits we offer here at Kooky offers endless possibilities for culinary creativity.

Experiment with these pairings to discover new flavours and textures that will enhance your meals and snacks.

And of course, if you would like to know more, then get in touch with our team.

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